Roger Marti

Lecturer for Organic Chemistry & Process Chemistry - Institute ChemTech



Teaching of organic chemistry and related topics on Bachelor and Master Level

R & D Competencies

Competences in synthetic organic chemistry and process chemistry, chiral catalysis, new synthesis technologies like flow chemistry, and molecules for applications in life sciences

  • Amino Acids and β-Amino acids
    Synthesis and Application
  • Ionic Liquids
    Synthesis and Application
  • Molecules for (bio-)Analytical Applications
    13C and D-Labeled Compounds, Click Chemistry for Bioconjugation, and Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
  • Process Chemistry
    Route Scouting, Chemistry Enabling, Process Optimization and Scale-up
  • Flow Chemistry
    The Use of Micro-Reactors in Organic Synthesis
  • Polymer Chemistry
    Synthesis of new Monomers and Materials, Post-Polymerization Reactions
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