The HEIA Fribourg and the Institute ChemTech is a valuable and experience partner for any applied R & D projects. Different types of cooperation's are possible:

  • Bachelor and Master Theses
  • Consulting and services, e.g. analytical services (NMR, HPLC, LC-MS measurements, etc…)
  • Direct mandates, e.g. synthesis work or evaluation of reactions in micro reactors
  • Innosuisse Project for Promotion of Innovation and Technologies

All projects are handled confidentially and are professional managed. For more details regarding special equipment and infrastructure, please contact us by email.


Roger Marti

Haute école d'ingénieurie et d'architecture Fribourg
Bd de Pérolles 80
1700 Fribourg, Switzerland
+41 26 429 6703 // +41 79 344 8807